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Home Inspection - What You Need To Know

1)  How Home Inspections Kill a Sale

2)  Why Most Buyers Get A Home Inspection

3)  Preparing For a Home Inspection

4)  ***Book a Free Home Check Up***     

How Home Inspections Can Kill A Sale


  The main reason a conditional sale would fall through on the home inspection clause is because the inspection reveals a major deficiency in the home that the buyer is unaware of.  The home inspection is not the time for renegotiating money off the accepted price for old flooring or old windows that the buyer already knewabout.  It is to discover if there are any major deficiencies with the components of the home and for further investigation of a known problem that needs review by a specialist.  

Why Most Buyers Get A Home Inspection

  Most buyers will choose to have a home inspection to protect themselves.  There can be hidden costly problems a home could have that a buyer would never know about.  Having a home inspection lets the buyer know what they are getting into.  A home inspection clause in the Purchase and Sale agreement will give the buyer the security knowing they can walk away without penalties if a major problem arises or that there is an option for the sellers to remedy the issues that were discovered.

Preparing for a Home Inspection


  One step which is inevitable in the home selling process is a visit from a professional house inspector. The following are steps which should btaken to ensure your inspection is a success. It is a good idea to be aware ahead of time of any serious problems which may be present in your home so you will be prepared to deal with them.


1. Ensure that past home renovations have not damaged the structure of the home. Other structural damages to look for are whether termites have caused extensive damage, if settling of the home over time has caused damage to the foundation, and/or whether support beams and joists are strong and sturdy or cracked or otherwise damaged.


2. Ensure that the electrical and wiring systems are safe and acceptable. Loose wires or incorrectly installed or wired receptacles, switches or electrical box problems are all hazardous and should be corrected. All homes should have a minimum of 100 amp service and GFI plugs where appropriate.


3. Water damage is a common problem. Water can run and leak into odd and unexpected places, causing extensive damage over time. If there are signs of water leakage, they can often be spotted by examining the underside of sinks and dishwashers, along ceilings, on floors and along basement walls. Plumbing fixtures, water-using appliances, drain pipes, water supply inlets and outlets, basements, roofs, downspouts and grading can all be causes and sources of water damage.


4. Ensure that safety issues are resolved in your home. Trim foliage which may impair a safe view of the area around the home, ensure that windows open easily and close and lock securely and that entrances/exits to the home are able to be securely locked. Hazards such as hidden curbs, loose railings and/or stairs, unused wells which are not capped, etc., should be corrected.


5. With respect to plumbing, ensure that all fixtures are working and free from cracks. Faucets should run easily and shut off completely, proper grouting and caulking should be present around bathtubs, toilets and other fixtures should be bolted down securely and drains should be clog free. The home's water heater should be in good working condition also.


6. All heating and cooling systems should be checked to ensure they are relatively up to date, clean, in good working condition and have clean filters. 


Book A Free Home Check Up


  With over 33+ years of selling homes our team has compiled a list of the most recurring problems a home inspector will find with your home.  We can do a walkthrough of your home and property pointing out the warning signs of issues that need to be addreshometown present your home at its best.

 We are offering a FREE NO OBLIGATION Home Check Up.

It will not only save you money, it will make you money.

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